About Us :

MEDIFIELD, a young, vibrant and lean Organisation propelled with ambition and driven by values is all poised to make it big.

Dental laboratory Division is strongly focused on the needs of Dental Lab Professionals.
“Product Performance Guarantee is the Unique Feature of this Division”

Manufacturing and Exporting range of dental laboratory products, covering two major areas namely : –

1. Dental Laboratories
2. Dental Institutions

Pharma Division is focused on Therapeutic Formulations and Conform to Highest Quality Standards.

We follow a streamlined & stringent manufacturing process, with special attention to the quality of raw material as well as packing material.

The raw material used by us is procured from reliable sources, who enjoy a good reputation.
All the packing material is of Pharma grade.

All the products are manufactured to fulfill the quality Standards & acceptability norms of various countries.

Our team is our competitive edge. They are highly competent professionals.

They are capable of completing your product specific requirements in the stipulated time period.